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How We Protect Your Site


First, our Elite Security Team creates a strong walled defense for your website by securing all vulnerabilities, creating strong authentication methods, placing reliable automated sentries on 24/7 watch and making it very difficult for unauthorized access.


Second, we create a strong offense to quickly eradicate intruders or any malware, viruses, or trojan horses they may leave behind. By hiring the elite security team at OmniSOS it’s like having a dedicated in-house IT security staff without the expense.


Lastly, we stand ready to rescue and recover in the unlikely event your site is compromised — unlikely only if you have deployed a robust security protocol like OmniSOS. While the threat is greatly reduced with security in place, no security protocol is 100%. Therefore be prepared for a worst case scenario.

The High Cost of Doing Nothing

Your Likelihood of being Hacked without Advanced Security


– Your Likelihood of Being Hacked with OmniSOS' 24/7 Knight Watch Security

Average Cost of Recovery without a Security Plan
(costs range from $2400 to $7,200)
Secure your site for less than a cup of coffee per day
Per Day for
Basic Security
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Per Day for
Bronze Security
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Per Day for
Silver Security
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Per Day for
Gold Security
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Per Day for
Enterprise Security
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Services We Provide:

  • Access to the OmniSOS Elite Security Team
  • Comprehensive security review of site
  • Secure, frequent fail-safe offsite backups
  • Advanced WordPress Firewall
  • Frequent Malware scans
  • Monitoring subtle changes in files
  • Monitoring SPAM activity on site
  • Monitoring Blacklist activity
  • Prevention of DDoS
  • Prevention of Brute Force attacks
  • Prevention of MySQL Injections
  • Prevention of Trojans/Viruses
  • Rapid site recovery and re-deployment
  • and much more…