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The White House’s legendary Secret Service security detail has been making headlines lately; unfortunately, not in a favorable light. I’m sure they do far more and far better than we ever know about, and it’s always easy to focus on failures.

But recently the White House fence jumper, Dominic Adesanya, made it past the fence, past the perimeter guards, past the canine unit, past the guard outside the main door and past a Secret Service agent just inside the main door, allegedly overpowering him. Adesanya then sprinted into the East Room where he was finally disabled.

What went wrong?

It is clear given the latest and recent lapses that security was not as secure and heightened as it should’ve been. But the White House did have security in place, and their security did work — albeit with limited exposure. If this were the state of most websites, you’d be in pretty good shape. Even weak security is better than no security at all. Sadly, most WordPress, Joomla, and other CMS websites have no Secret Service agency working 24/7 to stop lethal attacks. Most of us think that somehow the worst won’t happen to us. And that if it does, somehow we are protected.

The reality is that robust, fail-safe security doesn’t just “happen”. It must be well-planned, implemented, and reviewed often. OmniSOS provides such a service to our clients. Our iKnights (automated 24/7 “Secret Service” agents) and our Elite Security Team (real humans putting brains and eyes to your site) stand guard with a multi-tiered security approach deploying many overlapping security measures to mitigate your risk exposure and to eradicate any threat at any level.

Threats are real. And the cyber-terrorists are targeting average web sites daily. Without a security protocol, it’s not a matter of if, but when you will be targeted and most likely hacked.

There are free options available for those of you who want DIY Security. But if you’re looking for total peace of mind for pennies a day, look at implementing one of our security packages today. We’ll take care of everything from security analysis, automated backups, installing an advanced firewall, monitoring, and site repair and/or restoration if the worst should happen.

Put on effective armor to stand against the enemy! (Eph 6)

Jeff Tobler

Author Jeff Tobler

Jeff Tobler is co-founder of, as well as founder and creative director of "Seek first the Kingdom of God and His Righteous" Mat 6:33

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