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How OmniSOS Mitigates Your Risk Exposure

iknights_risks_risks Assessing Your Risks

Risk assessment implies inherent risk. In other words, it’s not a matter of if but when your WordPress or Joomla site will be the target of a well-planned attack and most likely infiltrated (aka, “Hacked” or “Compromised”). Having no security plan in place is a recipe for disaster. Therefore, we scour your site for vulnerabilities making certain we’ve secured the perimeter, raised the gate, and stationed our iKnights and Elite Team on guard.

iknights_risks_teamDeploying Our Elite Security Team

Today, you can’t afford not to have an advanced security team in place given the active and aggressive cyber-threats emerging at an alarming rate. With OmniSOS you get two elite security teams for the price of one: our 24/7 iKnights and our Elite Security Team. We lock-down your site, setup up robust security protocols, establish frequent backups, scan for malware, check for unauthorized file mods, and much more.

iknights_risks_disasterPreventing Costly Disaster Recovery

A cost of doing nothing could be catastrophic. The costs of being hacked—time, hourly expense, lost revenue, damaged consumer confidence, etc.—easily outweigh our affordable advanced security plans. OmniSOS deploys advanced security methods making it highly unlikely you will face such a disaster. If compromised, we stand ready to restore or repair your site should the unlikely happen.

Common Dangerous Vulnerabilities

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks stress the server in several ways, with the intention of slowing it down or crashing the server itself. (more)

Brute-Force attacks (also called an Exhaustive Key Search) are used with the intention of gaining access to the server or website by guessing the login authentication. (more)

Code Injections (such as SQL Injections and command injections) are attacks that inject code into a server or database to unexpectedly execute commands or to insert malware. (more)

Malware (Virus) is malicious software code that can be injected into a website. One common way that malware is inserted is by a File Inclusion vulnerability. (more)

The High Cost of Doing Nothing

Your Likelihood of being Hacked without Advanced Security


– Your Likelihood of Being Hacked with OmniSOS' 24/7 Knight Watch Security

Average Cost of Recovery without a Security Plan
(costs range from $2400 to $7,200)
Secure your site for less than a cup of coffee per day
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Basic Security
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Per Day for
Bronze Security
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Per Day for
Silver Security
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Gold Security
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Enterprise Security
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Services We Provide:

  • Access to the OmniSOS Elite Security Team
  • Comprehensive security review of site
  • Secure, frequent fail-safe offsite backups
  • Advanced WordPress Firewall
  • Frequent Malware scans
  • Monitoring subtle changes in files
  • Monitoring SPAM activity on site
  • Monitoring Blacklist activity
  • Prevention of DDoS
  • Prevention of Brute Force attacks
  • Prevention of MySQL Injections
  • Prevention of Trojans/Viruses
  • Rapid site recovery and re-deployment
  • and much more…